He is rude, lazy, a runaway.

She is beautiful, no matter what she wears.


All the boys ran away.

Don't hurt me.

We're optimistic.


He said that their principal would go there the next day.


You ought to try it sometime.


You'll have to deal with that by yourself.

Will you buy something?

Look here.

Alex started drinking after his wife left him.

Saumya was here a long time.

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There she comes.

He offered to help me.

I think we should do it today.

The game may have been put off till next week.

Lorenzo doesn't know where Tricia buys her groceries.

The weather seemed favorable for the test flight.

Did you get in a fight with Janet?

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I'll put you through to the president.

Last year, there was much snow.

Many citizens joined the army.

Maybe I should slow down.

I've made up my mind to ask Radek to marry me.

You're so nosy.

Did you win a ribbon, too?

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How many men are guarding them?

She is looking forward to seeing him again.

Cliff writes home to his parents at least once a month.

I might not be home when you arrive, so just wait outside if that happens.

I saw a dog with one paw bandaged.

Fear takes molehills for mountains.

She's unfit for the job.

The attitude holds good in such a situation.

You could tell Ted was unconscious as he fell because he made no effort to break his fall.

He came back two days after.

She liked him right from the beginning.

Her morals are flexible.

Hadn't we better go now?

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It looks like you're about to leave.


I've decided to trust you.

Music is an outburst of the soul.

When a door closes, another one opens.

My English teacher has advised me to read these books.

Please call me as soon as you know anything about Isaac's condition.


Who are you, and what have you done with my TV?

Some people believe in God and other people don't.

We could talk about it.


The calendar featured photos of bikini-clad vixens draped over sports cars.

They botched their homework.

Raphael grew roses in his backyard.

I have to talk to him now.

Sarkozy defended a model of sustainable growth.

The horse balked at the jump.

It's easy to explain.

You must be prepared for the fact that he could drop by at any moment.

The truth is I don't like you.


Can I pay you back on Monday?


I know Sanjeev has a house in Boston.

Uranus' atmosphere is made up of hydrogen, helium, and methane.

I heard the good news.


Can you take us to Deborah right now?

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We should have been fully aware of this risk all along.

I'm in need of money.

Our holiday plans are still in the air.


Everyone in the town knows about it.


You speak a perfect Italian.

I go to the church on Sundays.

They know what's happening.

This one will run.

Hsuan is wearing a mask.


His girlfriend is Romanian.

I felt my heart beating rapidly.

I was told never to tell a Frenchman how to speak his own language.

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Ray must come.

I need information about her.

I hear their marriage is on the rocks and they'll probably file for divorce soon.

Why would I want this?

I am not going to deal with this until after the holidays.

That's how I feel now.

It's worthwhile to take his advice.


I went out with Heidi for three months.

I just found it.

I am a blackcap.

You must get lecture tickets in advance.

Hy has already done everything we've asked him to do.

I thought Knapper had left.

That's a misunderstanding, for sure. You're giving me too much credit.

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Then they believed the scripture and the words that Jesus had spoken.

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In everything, one should consider the end.


I have a dictionary in my hand.


Steven Spielberg is a film director.

When my bicycle hit the rock, the front tire blew out.

Does Geoffrey want it long, or short?

I boiled one.

What have you eaten today?

I knew from the beginning that you never really loved me.

The commander is not to be trifled with.

It is said that the fox is more cunning than any other animal.

Claire earns twice as much as me.

Sebastian Vettel said it could take him ten years to fully grasp what he had achieved.

Where du you think you're going?


The results of Hsi's biopsy show that the tumor is cancerous.

We'll leave as soon as you are ready.

They searched the area between the river, the farmhouse, and the woods.

Stop making a fool of yourself.

We'll stop Gerald.

I would like to have this camera.

Dan devised an escape scheme with one of his cellmates.

I need to see her.

She is loved by everybody because she is cheerful.

Brandon has a brother who is an architect.

Do you think Tran is seeing someone else?

The scientists are working on a new experiment.

Love happens when you least expect it.

Something must have happened to him on the way.

There was no hope in sight.

In spite of the rain, this trip very much pleased me, on the whole.

I want you out of my room.

The sponge takes in a lot of water.

The more we learn, the better we realize our ignorance.


Is it true that you bought a house in London?

Rudy assumed it was free.

I vowed that I would never speak to her again.


I worked hard to succeed.

What are you doing with the water there?

Lee has expensive tastes.

My experiences have taught me that the only rule in life is "every man for himself."

Is it true that you were on TV yesterday?

How many of us are there?

I don't remember ever meeting you before.

Have you ever sheared a sheep?

Look, it's snowing!

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Being happy always reminded her of her loss.


I could tell you things about Pria that would surprise you.

Why are you doing this?

I'm not serious.


I won't come home.

I guess we could.

So the reason that Tanaka stayed home today was because his grandmother died? Didn't he say that last month, and the month before that, too? Skipping is one thing, but I'd like him to at least come up with a better excuse than that.

When is your book coming out?

He was expelled from the school.

Advantaging myself over the competition is the only way I can ensure my evaporated yogurt water stand will be here tomorrow.

Carbon pollution is the biggest driver of climate change.


He became more obstinate as he grew older.


A nuclear war will bring about the destruction of mankind.


I don't think Reinhard will agree with you.

Angus is angry at Juliane.

He was confronted with some difficulties.

Please refrain from talking.

Judy spent hours on end writing and rewriting her essay.

The hotel has a pleasant atmosphere.

I'll take my revenge on him at all costs tomorrow.

Contador won the yellow jersey in the Tour de France.

This has been happening way too often.

The coins are metal.

It took Vidhyanath a long time to change the tire.

They scraped up enough money to buy a gift for their mother.

Next time I will celebrate my sixteenth birthday.

I'll eat anything.

Sugih's boss demands a lot of work.

You need to teach her a lesson!

I think love doesn't exist.


Perhaps we could do that tomorrow.

It is very cold outside. You'll catch a cold without a coat.

We all know what Vicky meant.